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Meet Fran

Fran Gordon Studio Mixed Media Dimensional Art Longmont CO

I worked as a Psychotherapist before I called myself an Artist. For many years I helped trauma victims become trauma survivors by making healing changes. I loved my work, but felt that it was time for me to change. I needed to focus on my creative self.

I began exploring different kinds of creative expression. I tried drawing, pottery, and architectural design, but none quite fit. I did a lot of faux painting at that time in my newly built house in Punta Gorda, FL. Through that I discovered my love of copper and began incorporating that and other metals into my designs. I found that old rusted metal had the copper color I loved, as well as a vintage quality that inspired me.

In the beginning, for many years I created art with gears and Victorian style goggles that fall under the Steampunk category. I admit though, I had no knowledge of Steampunk at the time, and was surprised and pleased to discover other Steampunk artists.

Since movement and change had been the tools I used with my clients, I began to search for these to use in my art. I found bicycle parts that were available through a church nearby that had a bicycle mission. They took old parts and used them to make bikes for kids in Africa. These bicycle parts initiated my use of recycled materials to create movement and change.

After moving to Longmont, CO six years ago, I began to explore both decorative and functional art, including dimensional wall art, clocks, lamps, and even furniture, and have won several awards. My process doesn’t include welding. I use nuts, bolts, and screws to connect my materials, This often is one of the most challenging parts of the work. It’s kind of like the therapeutic process of trying to connect things that don’t quite fit. I use wood foundations so that my metals can be fastened with screws or bolts.

Because my work is based on one-of-a-kind materials, I often think I’m headed in one direction, yet wind up in a very different place. I never know what I will find, so I can rarely plan the outcome of a piece. Instead, I allow the excitement of the creative process to direct me. Using recycled materials provides ongoing opportunities for change, and allows the viewer to discover their own interpretation and meaning of the work.